We produce and supply quality Commercial Kitchen Equipments such as Flat Griddle Plate, Ribbed Griddle Plate, Induction Plate, SS Tandoor, Barbeque Counters, Dosa Plate Counters, Indian Range Counters, Chinese Range Live Counters, Lava Rock Griller, Chicken Rotisserie, Pasta Cooker etc. Place bulk orders to raise your Hospitality services to a new level and create great impressions with buffet service.

 Griddle Plate (GAS)

 Griddle Plate (Electrical)

 Electric Chip Warmer - TFW – 310

 Crepe Machine - DE – 01

 Hot Dog Roller - HD – 05

 Pop Corn Machine - EB - 08A

 Electric/ GasChicken Rotisserie

 Induction Cooker JDL-C30A1

 Pasta / Noodle Cooker Table Top

 Dosa Plate Live Cooking Table Top

 Lava Rock Griller (Electric)

 Lava Rock Griller (Gas)

 Live Cooking Equipments